A tiny one room log church with a stone foundation and a humble roof of iron sheeting, Twin Oaks Methodist Church was founded in the late 1860s by a group of freed slaves from Virginia who settled in this rural area. While exceedingly small, my estimate is that approximately 100 people could fit into the seating available. Based on the dates of the literature inside and the general state of decay, it appears that the church was closed in the late 1950s. Despite its diminutive size the lack of vandalism and the presence of a relatively substantial amount of original artifacts gives Twin Oaks a distinct presence that sets it apart from many buildings that are much larger. Closely watched by neighbors across the street, guarded by thousands of bees living in the interior, and camouflaged by the trees that are swallowing it and the fact that it looks more like a small shed than a church, it is probable that Twin Oaks will continue to age unmolested until the ceiling or walls eventually give in.

(Source: abandonedamerica.us)

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